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Doosan E&C strives to improve the welfare of its employees.


5-day workweek, monthly leave, summer/winter vacations, and various reward days help employees refresh themselves and improve their quality of life to ensure a healthy working life.

Support for Leisure Activities

Doosan E&C partially subsidizes school expenses for children of employees from kindergarten to university.

Support for School Expenses

Doosan E&C partially subsidizes the school expenses for children of its employees from kindergarten to university.

Support for in-house club activities

Doosan E&C supports the activities of various in-house clubs for employees.

Support for Family Occasions

Doosan E&C remembers and supports various family occasions(weddings, birthdays, child birth, etc.) of its employees and operates group casualty insurance to financially help them in case of an unexpected disease or accident.


Doosan E&C provides numerius conveniences to our employees such as operating canteens and commuter buses linked to major subway lines amongst others.

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Our Belief

The Doosan Way is our philosophy for the next 100 years of growth. It is the spirit flowing through our people.

Our People

Doosan People are those who keep the Doosan Credo in their hearts and practice Doosan’s distinctive traits everywhere they operate.

Career Doosan

Doosan, one of the best places to work. Doosan values people and awaits you.

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