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    CEO Message

    Byung Hwa Lee, CEO Doosan E&C

    Doosan E&C is brightening the world for customers worldwide
    with creativity and Innovation.

    Welcome to Doosan E&C’s website!

    Doosan E&C deeply appreciates the unwavering support and interest of our customers. We at Doosan E&C will strive for customer satisfaction, as we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the company’s mission.

    Since its establishment in 1960, Doosan E&C has conducted numerous projects which are monumental in the history of construction. These include, among others, the construction of the longest extension of high-speed railroad in Korea and the participation in line planning, construction and operation of New Bundang Line, Korea’s first unsolicited railroad project. We believe that the Haeundae We’ve the Zenith, the tallest residential building in Korea with 80 floors and a height of 300 meters, will be one of the greatest achievements in Korea’s construction history.

    One step further, Doosan E&C actively responds to the future changes in market by diversifying our businesses, such as entering a fuel cell business.

    It was the support of customers that made the company what it is today, and we at Doosan E&C hope that customers will continue to provide such generous support and encouragement. Doosan E&C will strive not only to meet the expectations of our customers through enhancing quality and technology, but also to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.

    Based on Doosan's people-oriented management philosophy, Doosan E&C will do its utmost to present customers with a better future.

    Thank you.

    Byung Hwa Lee, CEO
    Doosan E&C
    CEO Doosan E&C Signature