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Executive Team

  • Jeongwon Park

    Chairman and CEO, Doosan Group

    Education & Professional Experience

    • B.A., Business Administration, Korea University
    • MBA, Boston University, USA
    • 1985 Joins Doosan Corporation
    • 1994 Director, Oriental Brew
    • 1999 Vice President and CEO, Doosan Corporation
    • 2001 President and CEO, Doosan Corporation
    • 2005 Vice Chairman, Doosan Industrial Development Company (Currently Doosan E&C)
    • 2007 Vice Chairman, Doosan Corporation
    • 2009 Chairman, Doosan E&C(present)
    • 2009 Owner, Doosan Bears(present)
    • 2012 Chairman, Doosan Corporation
    • 2016 Chairman and CEO, Doosan Group (present)
  • Tae won Park

    Vice Chairman, Doosan Engineering & Construction

    Education & Professional Experience

    • Graduated from Osan High School in Seoul
    • Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Geology, Yonsei University
    • Master’s degree in Business Administration, New York University
    • Doctor of Business Administration, KEDGE
    • 1993 Hyo Seong Local Products Corporation
    • 1996 Crown Cork & Seal in America
    • 1999 Doosan TechPack Corporation
    • 2006 Project Management, Doosan Engineering & Construction
    • 2008 CSO of Doosan Engineering & Construction
    • 2011 Head of Mecatec Business Group in Doosan Engineering & Construction
    • 2014 COO of Doosan Engineering & Construction
    • 2016 Currently Vice Chairman of Doosan Engineering & Construction
  • Jinho, Kim

    President and CEO, Doosan E&C

    Education & Professional Experience

    • Public Administration, Kyungpook University
    • 2006 Director, Housing business/Marketing
    • 2014 Executive director, Urban improvement/Marketing
    • 2015 Executive director, Management support
    • 2016 Vice president, Architectural business group
    • 2019 President & CEO, New Seoul Railroad co., Ltd.
    • 2020 Currently President & CEO, Doosan E&C

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Our Belief

The Doosan Way is our philosophy for the next 100 years of growth. It is the spirit flowing through our people.

Our Brand

"Building your tomorrow today"
‘Commitment to people’ is the core of Doosan brand. Doosan is elevating its brand by providing infrastructure that contributes to humankind and improves the quality of people’s lives.


Doosan Engineering & Construction is architecting the 21st century and redrawing the Korean map with major civil works. At Doosan E&C, the environment and industry exist in harmony.

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