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Doosan Engineering & Construction

With years of extensive experiences and know-how since being established in 1960, Doosan E&C has been to making remarkable achievements to lead the global infrastructure sector.

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Major Business Area

Civil Works Civil Works

From design to construction and maintenance, Doosan E&C offers top-quality srvices for high-speed trains, subways, roads, bridges, tunnels, environmental plants, and other civil works.

Architecture Architecture

With its exceptional sensibility and technical skills, Doosan E&C creates creative architectural spaces with artistic value.


For the "Establishment of an Advanced EHS Culture Through Human-Centered Management,“ Doosan E&C places the highest priority on the environment, safety, and quality management. Doosan fulfills its social responsibility by securing the highest safety standards and preserving the environment based on respect for human beings and nature.

Film & Print

Film & Print

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