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HR System

Doosan E&C delivers outcomes through its HR system created on the basis of enterprise management strategies, HR planning, organizational needs, and individual career development programs.

Breakaway from Seniority Based Promotion

We give the opportunity for promotion based on merits and qualifications regardless of seniority to show its commitment to the new capability-based human resources policy, Doosan eliminated seniority based promotion. You can experience the new rational and truthful performance based system.

Korea’s First Introduction of Annual Salary System

The annual salary system, introduced by Doosan for the first time in Korea to allow the employees being compensated based on their capability and development, has become the benchmark for other Korean companies.

Global Standard Management Compensation System

The corporate culture has developed to evaluate the management performance based on duty and performance. The innovation of this new human resources management system befitting the 21st century’s capability-based compensation system begins at Doosan.

Borderless Horizontal Organization – Team System

Doosan pursues autonomous organization in which the hierarchical system is eliminated so that all team members behave as key factors in the organization regardless of title. We invite you to show what you can do the most in our autonomous and creative environment.

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