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Social Responsibility

Businesses today are required not only creating economic value but also engaging in environmental and social activities in the aspect of social responsibility. Doosan E&C is striving to realize its social responsibilities through genuine corporate activities which are met the demands of the times.


Doosan E&C is striving to meet the demands of the stakeholders through CSR management based on people-centric business philosophy.

Social Contribution

Doosan E&C carries out various activities to improve community competitiveness and increase corporate value. Our commitment to communities is more than sharing with the underprivileged. It is our longer-term investment for the future and is part of our efforts to contribute to resolving fundamental social issues.

Shared Growth

Doosan E&C is working to establish a virtuous cycle of partnership for enhanced competitiveness and shared growth with its suppliers.


For the “Establishment of an Advanced EHS Culture Through Human-Centered Management,” Doosan E&C places the highest priority on the environment, safety, and health management.

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