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EHS Management Principles

EHS Management Principles

For the 『Establishment of an Advanced EHS Culture Through Human-Centered Management,』 Doosan E&C has set the following EHS management principles and assures to implement them.

  1. 1. We should prioritize EHS in the workplace to be applied for the safety and health of all executives and employees of the company and partners as well as visitors.
  2. 2. To maintain a safe and pleasant work environment and to prevent environmental pollution, we should establish an EHS management system and improve it continuously.
  3. 3. We should comply with EHS-related regulatory requirements and guidelines.
  4. 4. For loss prevention, we need to set and implement the goal and detailed action plans of EHS.
  5. 5. We should educate and train all executives and employees of the company and partners for risk management capabilities.
  6. 6. We should regularly monitor the EHS principles and EHS management system to maintain the appropriacy and effectiveness of the EHS management system.
EHS 경영방침 EHS 경영방침

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