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Shared Growth

Doosan E&C promotes shared growth with an aim to build a "virtuous partnership" system with partner companies for strengthened competitiveness and shared growth as a global construction company for infrastructure and plants.

Virtuous Partnership

To strengthen global competitiveness, Doosan E&C chose “The Establishment of a Virtuous Cycle Partnership System with Suppliers” as its motto for mutual growth.

A virtuous cycle partnership system means to open up Doosan’s unique technology, quality, and management system of technical empowerment and business system advancement to suppliers, and operate one system for what was only available to Doosan E&C up to now.

This is an attempt to grow out of the existing simple purchase/sub-contract structure for much stronger partnership with suppliers by conducting joint R&D; exchanging information on value engineering (VE) for construction; providing expert training programs; strengthening liquidity management through financial support; and complying with fair trade.

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Social Contribution

To help underprivileged members of society to enjoy healthy living and become autonomous, Doosan E&C is carrying out various social contribution activities fit for a construction company, such as the Habitat project.

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