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About Us

With years of extensive experiences and know-how since being established in 1960, Doosan E&C has been to making remarkable achievements in the fields of civil works, architecture to create a better world.


The expert professionals at Doosan E&C are organized into different divisions where they excel to satisfy our many customers.


Read about Doosan E&C’s vision – New values fueled by changes and innovation.


For half a century, Doosan E&C has led Korea’s construction industry and contributed to national economic development as a leader in the fields of civil works, architecture, and plant equipment.


Doosan E&C is in full support of research and development to secure competitiveness through its differentiated technical skills in the rapidly changing market environment.

Quality Management

We have set a quality management system implementing ISO 9001, a global quality standard, and strive to continually improve for the best quality products and services.

Residential Apartment Brand

Doosan We’ve, the brand of Doosan E&C’s housing culture.

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