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Residential Apartment Brand

Doosan We’ve, the Brand of Doosan E&C’s Housing Culture

Doosan We’ve

Introduced in 2001, We’ve is Doosan E&C’s brand for a residential space everyone dreams of with all the necessities to grow fond of life and living. We’ve is designed in a way that all areas of the house can be well utilized, representing a convenient space in which all living needs are fulfilled.

We’ve’s BI (Brand Identity) features the blue box derived from the Doosan logo. It is an image of the promise of Doosan E&C for happiness in living, a space with love and happiness, a must-have space, a cost-saving lifestyle, and where all life needs are resolved.

Doosan We’ve

Word Mark of Doosan We’ve

Color of Doosan We’ve

Applied Color

  • – PANTONE : Blue 072 C
  • – CMYK : C100/M80/Y0/K0
  • – Paint : KCC VR131

Gray Scale

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