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No. No. Registration Date Content
1 Patent No. 10-0118204 1997-07-14 Excrement Treatment Method and Apparatus
2 Patent No. 10-0171484 1998-10-20 Launching Scaffold for Setting Slab Form of Bridge
3 Patent No. 10-0191194 1999-01-23 Wastewater Treatment Method
4 Patent No. 10-0191195 1999-01-23 Night Soil Treatment Method and Unit with High Efficiency
5 Patent No. 10-0229237 1999-08-16 Advanced Treatment Method and Its Device of Night Soil
6 Patent No. 10-0254036 2000-01-28 Dry-Incinerating Apparatus of Sewage/Waste Sludge
7 Patent No. 10-0292186 2001-03-21 Mortar Composition with Cracking Resistance and/or Self Leveling Ability
8 Patent No. 10-0341098 2002-06-04 Method for Producing Glossy Concrete
9 Patent No. 10-0273913 2000-09-06 Apparatus and Method of Biological Wastewater Treatment
10 Patent No. 10-0421770 2004-02-25 Integrally Bonded Fiber Reinforced Composite Deck of Adjustable Alignment, Method for Fabrication and Connection Thereof
11 Patent No. 10-0423732 2004-03-08 Composition for Construction Material Made from Inorganic Waste Materials and Method for Manufacturing the Same
12 Patent No. 10-0563718 2006-03-16 Installation Method of Deck for Girder Bridges Using Precast Panel of Trapezoidal Hollow Section Made with Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites
13 Patent No. 10-0592043 2006-06-14 Method of Producing of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Column for Preventing Spalling and Improving Fire Endurance and Reinforced Concrete (RC) Column Using Above Method
14 Patent No. 10-0624075 2006-09-07 Reinforcement of Foundation
15 Patent No. 10-0774358 2008-01-15 Method for Preparing Paver Block Having Porosity
16 Patent No. 10-0795129 2008-01-16 Method for Preparing Block Having Porosity
17 Patent No. 10-0838962 2008-06-10 Connecting Structure of Steel Bar
18 Patent No. 10-0849578 2008-07-24 High Efficient Energy Saving Type Heating System Using Integrated Assistant Heat Source Means
19 Patent No. 10-0863592 2008-10-08 Temporary Construction System for the Automation of Building Projects and Construction Method Using the Same
20 Patent No. 10-0915719 2009-08-28 Cladding Machine for Inner Surface of Small Nozzle, Cladding Method Using the Same and Bonding Structure of Small Nozzle
21 Patent No. 10-0949241 2010-03-16 Fluid Pressure Lift Synchronized Apparatus
22 Patent No. 10-0864970 2008-10-16 A Roof Sheet Use for Building and Establishment Construction
23 Patent No. 10-0879077 2009-01-09 Asphaltic Sticky Multi-Layer Sheet for Waterproofing and Methods of Manufacturing the Sheet and Waterproofing by Use of the Sheet
24 Patent No. 10-0903212 2009-06-09 Connector of Truss Girder
25 Patent No. 10-0921406 2009-10-06 Fire-Resistant Concrete with High Impact Property
26 Patent No. 10-0936592 2010-01-05 Method for Compensating of Column Shortening in Tall Buildings
27 Patent No. 10-0953269 2010-04-08 Ventilating Device
28 Patent No. 10-0957674 2010-05-04 Lightweight Composite Material for Construction
29 Patent No. 10-0967496 2010-06-24 Device for Constructing an Underground Structure
30 Patent No. 10-0967497 2010-06-24 Method for Constructing an Underground Structure
31 Patent No. 10-0967800 2010-06-25 Paint Spray Apparatus and Construction Method of Embossing Pattern Using the Same
32 Patent No. 10-0980806 2010-09-01 Temporary Construction System for the Automation of Building Projects and Construction Method Using the Same
33 Patent No. 10-0993879 2010-11-05 Insulation Deck Plate
34 Patent No. 10-0993880 2010-11-05 Deck Plate with Raised Bottom Material
35 Patent No. 10-1000258 2010-12-03 High Performance Composite Material for Shotcrete
36 Patent No. 10-1000599 2010-12-06 Sealing Packer for Rock Bolt Filler, Sealing Method of Rock Bolt Hole Using such Sealing Packer, and Constructing Method of Rock Bolt
37 Patent No. 10-1041540 2011-06-08 Temporary Construction Frame System for the Automation of Building Projects
38 Patent No. 10-1052790 2011-07-25 Lift Up Building Method of Roof Structure
39 Patent No. 10-1062268 2011-08-30 Noise Blocking Member of the Story Partitions for Plural Story Buildings
40 Patent No. 10-1072084 2011-10-04 Opening and Closing Type Ratchet Wrench
41 Patent No. 10-1083270 2011-11-08 Apparatus and Method for Forming Embossing Pattern in Spray Coat Type
42 Patent No. 10-1104541 2012-01-03 Shear Reinforcement Component for a Slab-Column Connection and Shear Reinforcement Structure Using the Same
43 Patent No. 10-1122584 2012-02-24 A Window and Door System with the Faculty of Ventilation
44 Patent No. 10-1123733 2012-02-28 Concrete Curing Equipment for Tunnel Construction
45 Patent No. 10-1127130 2012-03-08 A Precast Type Pre-Stress Box Girder Bridge Execution Method
46 Patent No. 10-1155031 2012-06-04 A Strutted Open-Top Steel Girder Bridge with Inclined Web
47 Patent No. 10-1176551 2012-08-17 Light Weight Assembly for Hollow and Light Slab Using the Same
48 Patent No. 10-1184277 2012-09-13 Steel Frame for Free Form Concrete Structure Construction and Method Using It
49 Patent No. 10-1207288 2012-11-27 Isolating Structure for Floor to Floor Impact Sound of Apartment Buildings and Construction Method
50 Patent No. 10-1086980 2011-11-18 High Strength Lightweight Concrete
51 Patent No. 10-1271015 2013-05-29 Variable Hopper System
52 Patent No. 10-1343454 2013-12-31 CNT-contained Concrete Composition that Radiates Hydration Heat
53 Patent No. 10-1209662 2012-12-03 Steel Frame for Curved Form Construction of Free Form Architecture Building and Method Using It
54 Patent No. 10-1225836 2013-01-17 Painting Device for a Waterproof Agent
55 Patent No. 10-1042386 2013-01-23 Waterproofing Sheet, Composition of the Same, Waterproofing/Root Penetration Resistance Method Using of the Same, and Waterproofing/Root Penetration Resistance Structure Thereby
56 Patent No. 10-1275236 2013-06-10 Running Board
57 Patent No. 10-1323238 2013-10-23 Shotcrete Composition and Construction Method Using the Same
58 Patent No. 10-1333201 2013-11-20 Freezing Pipe and Ground Freezing Method Using Freezing Pipe
59 Patent No. 10-1333202 2013-11-20 Ground Freezing Pipe Having Inner Filler and Ground Freezing Method Using Freezing Pipe
60 Patent No. 10-1335579 2013-11-26 Construction Method for Foundation Using a Mixer for Filler

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